Monday, May 17, 2010


Just some pics of my awesome friends and me!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dulcimer Festival '10

Just a couple pics from the many concerts we went to this past weekend. My mom has been playing dulcimer my whole life and my parents love bluegrass and folk music, so I have been dragged to different camps and concerts and what not my whole life! I think this is the first one I really, truly enjoyed. It was kinda weird though cause my mom has known alot of these people for years..yet I never met them. Not like that's's just kinda weird. It's probably just my own little thing. But there was this guy named Steve(another amazing artist! His voice was so celtic I loved it!) who evidently knew my brother Daniel at a camp they went to quite a few years ago. Back when Danny was a dorky kid--well that hasn't changed :P. But there was another guy there named Dennis who we evidently knew when we lived in Tulsa and went to the dulcimer club there. He remembered me, but I didn't remember him! I felt kinda bad cause I bluntly told him I had no clue who he was..but throughout the day I scanned my memories trying to at least remember being in the same room with him or something...and I finally remembered just that! I was too busy causing mischief back then to talk to anyone :P. Hope I wasn't a bratty kid during that time! Well anyways. Since I now have my liscense I got to drive anywhere and everywhere in Mountain View while my mom was in class all day! Except during those storms that hit! Ya know...the storms that caused all those tornados! Lucky for us we were spared, but it was a little nerve racking being in the motel room all by myself! Especailly since each time the thunder went boom the place would shake! But It was all good! And the jams at night were a ton of fun! I was kinda forced into playing guitar during them (which my mom would tell everyone that I play guitar and that I'm good at it, but truth is, I only played for a year in which I taught myself and I haven't even played since last June!) it was kinda embarrassing cause I am not good at guitar! But I guess I'll just have to practice this year and come back next and rock out at those jams! Well I'll quit telling pointless stories about my wonderful weekend now. If you wanna hear more about it just ask me in person sometime(trust me, there are plenty!) It was really a great weekend and I never thought I could have that much fun without having any friends! Corse there were a ton of adults there I could've talked too...but me? Talk? To people? I'm shy! :D Hope you enjoy these pics and videos!

That little girl on the violin is 12 years old! And she plays like a pro! Joe Jewel, the guy on the hammered dulcimer, was another fantastic dulcimer player. AND he danced while he played! So did the girl! And the bass player is hands down amazing! I'll have a video up with him playing bass tomorrow.
Wright family(right?) I think the lady's name is Margeret or something with a M. It's her husband, son, and Rick Thum again. But Ms. M(since I can't remember her name) was really good! I loved it when she played the bass though!(pictured below) and her husband had a real cool looking instrument. Enlarge the photo and see if you can see it.
Rick Thum. He was my favorite out of all the perfermors. Though all of them were fantastic! But Mr. Thum was super DUPER fantastic! He can play the hammer dulcimer and the harmonica at the same time! Plus his car made my day...I should've gotten a pic of it.
Kevin Roth(I think that's his name) fantastic! He has played with people like Arlo Guthrie(not sure if that's how you spell his name) and some others I can't think of right now. Speaking of Arlo...did you know he is from Oklahoma? I just learned that today :)
Cute group :) I think they were local..
see the little boy on the left? He is 10 years old...and a AMAZING mandolin player! And so cute! He was really getting into the music! The lady in the pinkish dress was wicked at harmonica!

Mountain View post 1

My mom has been going to this dulcimer jamboree in Mountain View for the past four years or so...and this is the first time I have come with her. I wish I had sooner though! Amazing, amazing, amazing. Anyways...I talk more about that in the next post. These pics are from this ampitheatre thing at the park there. Gorgeous place! When I found it I was walking threw this wooded path and went down hill a little bit and all of a sudden there is this stone staircase in front of me! Talk about awesome! Until I found a giant spider......

under that arch is where I found the giant spider. Scared the jeepers outa me!

awkward self portrait!

Gorgeous right? Right.